Notes to Home

Hello! Hello! 

2019 seems to be flying by at the speed of light and September is right around the corner. September is a big month! 
On the 20th, I will be setting out to travel for three months across Europe. So many people have reached out to give there support, advice, and to ask questions about my plans. Without fail, each person also asks for me to keep them updated. 

Since the beginning of planning this trip, I have been thinking of ways to document my experience and share it with those who were interested. Although, I will be journaling, taking photos/videos and much more I also wanted a chance to send a more personal update each week to friends and family. 

Because of this, I am starting "Notes to Home"- a weekly email update. To keep it simple, if you are interested please fill out the form below and you will be automatically added to the email list. You should receive an email confirmation shortly. As the trip approaches, I will reach out with what to expect each week! 

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